Goal setting with Git

Being able to review and reassess goals over time has been useful for me from time to time. Getting a kick out of achieving goals can produce a real motivational pickup, while seeing goals that have never really been touched has made me realise they are probably not as important to me as I would like to believe. 

So, I write down my goals and for as long as I can remember, I date them as well. However, trying to keep track of them can be very haphazard without some sort of system. For this reason, I am giving Git a go as a way to keep track of them. I have previously used Microsoft’s OneNote but that has some downsides…

I was copying and pasting my goal action list each week.

 Very quickly the list gets unwieldy to review. There is no easy way to review the items.

Git, on the other hand, will track the changes and will highlight those changes in a convenient form? Or at least, that is the idea. I will record some of the pros and cons as I progress.


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