Goal setting with Git – pros and cons

Here I am listing off some pros and cons of using ‘git’ to document my goal setting. I discussed this approach a little previously here (Goal setting with Git).

Con 1. – As noted earlier, I have previously used OneNote to record my goal setting. This lead to the first notable con, transferring my notes from onenote to markdown was a mundane task. I chose markdown as it seems like the easiest format to store general text in. It also has some of the functionality I wanted such as links. However, using markup is less convenient than using onenote. Formatting options are more restricted. A notable example was adding a table. Definitely smoother in onenote. Hopefully this will become less of an issue as I use markdown more often.

Con 2. – Very quickly I have noticed the reduced versatility in using git instead of onenote. Onenote is available on all my devices and syncs smoothly. Using github, I can sync files but the process is not as straightforward.

Con 3. – At present, it was quicker to review past entries in onenote. I am hoping this will change as I find tools to help me review old versions in git. At present, it is a con… 🙁


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