First twenty in twenty – The exercise

This is the first post within a personal exercise I have set for myself. I am calling it ‘twenty in twenty’. That is, twenty posts, each done in twenty minutes. I have set myself this exercise to address my tendency to expand on topics I want to write about to the point of failure. I tend to want to explore a relatively complex topic but then fail to finish the post, often due to inconclusive thinking.

I will make these ‘twenty in twenty’ posts public as that tends to assure I will write to a more readable level. 

Why is it important to write at all? Over the years I have realised that putting thoughts onto paper (or some other alternative output) is a core part of being productive. It is one thing to think through different concepts or ideas but it is a very different skill to communicate those ideas. Writing is a skill that needs to be honed. Writing efficiently is a different skill again. This exercise will force me to get my words out of my head and onto “paper”. It is also the start of developing the habit of writing productively. A key skill that I currently lack.

I will apologise in advance to anyone that comes across these posts. These posts are going to have to include less nuance than what topics often require. I hope that getting some ideas out of my head and onto paper will allow me at some point to fully cover those topics I wish to cover more deeply.

Because I often require too much time to write posts, I keep many private and often I just put off indefinitely. Not useful. So, hopefully this exercise will also break that trend. I want to be writing one of these every day. Here’s hoping…


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