Test Post for Syntax Highlighter

This is a different syntax highlighter. Pros and cons… Need to change the comments to green but apart from, mostly good.

Function ConcatenateRange(SelectionRange As Range, Optional InsertStr As String)
    'Concatenates a range of values
    '  Optional 2nd argument can be used to insert characters between each value ie comma, space etc
    Dim CurrCell As Range
    Dim TmpStr As String
    Dim CountCell As Integer
    TmpStr = ""
    CountCell = 0
    For Each CurrCell In SelectionRange
        CountCell = CountCell + 1
        If CountCell < SelectionRange.Count Then
            If CurrCell <> "" Then TmpStr = TmpStr & CurrCell & InsertStr
            If CurrCell <> "" Then TmpStr = TmpStr & CurrCell
        End If
    Next CurrCell

  ConcatenateRange = TmpStr

End Function


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